Major Rides
Major RidesCarnee can offer a wide range of major rides and trilling attractions for amusement park and city park with spectacular effect on the public and enhancing the appeal of the young. All our major rides are available with the LED light and the romantic music, Our major rides include the Wave swinger, UFO ride, Top Scan, Top spin. Tagada Ride. and son on...LEARN MORE
Family Rides
Family RidesFamily Ride is a good attraction for the kids and parents to enhance the family affection, for the lovers to strength their love, Children and Parents can play and enjoy together. Family Ride is not a dangerous ride, it is suits all kinds of age.LEARN MORE
Kiddie Rides
Kiddie RidesKiddie ride is designed for the kids who are under the age of the 16, and can not play dengrous rides, most of the kiddie Ride have beautiful color, and cute music. It can be coin operated or can be remote controled. Kiddie rides are commonly available in amusement parks, arcades, malls, hotel game rooms and outside supermarketsLEARN MORE
Portable Rdies
Portable RdiesPortable Rides are the rides with a trailer, all the Ride and trailer are customized, Rides with trailer have many advantage, you have more choice for the site of the rides. you have more time to run it.LEARN MORE


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