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3D Park Case 1

Our company has a design team that specially be in charge of 3D site design.If you do not know how to and where to install these rides properly that you like, Give the job to us, we can Design it according to your requirement and the environment around your site.Shopping center, City square, Theme Park, Water park, Scenic spots.


Before we design the park for you, there are some necessary information you need to provide.

1. Your personal information

Name, Phone, Email, Country, Company name. And so on.

2. Your park information

Location of your site.

Size of your site, ( CAD file of your site if possible)

Photo of your site.

Environment Photo near your site  and so on.

3. Other information

Amusement Rides that you like.

Your budget of the money about your site .

Your budget of the time about your site.